Aside 11

It’s not often I remember my dreams, but last night I had a really beautifully symbolic one.

There was this race to find a lost treasure through rough terrain, and Johan and I were partnered up.  Instead of taking the flatter route everyone else was taking, we took a shortcut, which ultimately had more hills.  This route took us to finding a lost treasure, but not the one we were supposed to be finding.  We helped each other to the top of this cliff and we looked out, and it felt like we were on the top of the world.  Whether or not the treasure we found was worth anything, it felt infinitely more valuable, like we couldn’t put a price tag on it.  And isn’t that what love is about?  Relationships can be hard, especially long distance ones… but some day (and it doesn’t matter how long it takes) the top of the mountain is reached, and it’s all worth it.

Miley Cyrus – The Climb


Aside 10

Hello and a Good Friday to you!  It’s been a Good Friday for us!  Just a quick update to let you guys know that Johan submitted his own answers (to the same questions I had) for the Residence Permit application in the early hours of Friday morning, meaning now we just have to wait and hear from them!  I think we’re in for a long wait… #cannotwait #willwait #dontwanttowait

Happy Anniversary!!!

Yesterday was the 8th of November, which means that it is now officially three years since I asked Kylie what her thoughts were on long distance relationships! Her answer was something along the lines of “I don’t know, haven’t thought about it,” so I asked if she wanted to try and the rest is history 😀 Well I also properly asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend, but you have to build up to it, you know? 😉

It also means that it’s soon almost just a month and a week till I see her again! Been waiting for two long years! It’s gonna be amazing and I can’t wait 😀

PS. We watched the new Pixar movie, Inside Out, over the weekend for our anniversary movie date. Super cute, can totally recommend it 😀