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He’s On His Way!

It’s happening!  It’s here!  Johan arrives in Oz about 21 hours!  We’ve had what will probably be our last Skype call in a very, very long time.  He got to the airport safe and sound and on time,  and last messaged after his first of three flights, and before his phone died, in Frankfurt.

Meanwhile, I’m finishing up at work tomorrow, the cat is getting her last injection on Monday, and Mum’s had a 7.30pm alarm go off every day this week (for that’s the time Johan’s plane is due to arrive in Brisbane).  It took half hour for me to get to sleep last night, and I laid awake for a further hour and a half at 5am, having over-excited myself.

View from my desk at work.

As a birthday treat, Mum shouted me a trip to Sydney last weekend (our final weekend alone together before Johan’s arrival) for the last night of the Vivid Festival.  Vivid is the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas.  We walked a tiring 21.7km around the city on Saturday until our feet were in agony, and then half that again on the Sunday!

Vivid Festival lights up the Sydney Opera House.

It’s a pretty city with its harbour and ferries, if a bit of a mess with roadworks as they build the new light rail.  There’s roadworks everywhere around here, too, and will be one of the first things Johan gets to experience on our trip back from the airport with all the changed traffic limits.  It was nevertheless a nice way to spend the weekend, and the week before that I got to see all my family for my 25th.  My little niece made me a lovely (difficult) heart puzzle!

My niece’s artistic work.

It feels strange to know that I now have less than 50 days before I get back on a plane myself, to finally move out of home, and out of this country.  It’s a huge, scary and exciting step in my life, and now that it’s fast approaching I think I’m trying not to think about it!  But first, there’s my boyfriend to see, and 6 more crazy, action-packed weeks to live through (don’t worry Johan, it wont be quite as crazy an itinerary as Lapland was).  Bring it!


Oh May, Where Did You Go?

The days are going so fast now! Didn’t we only just book flights?  24 days.  24 days until we see each other again, or 3 weeks and 1 day until he boards his plane.  There are just three weekends to go, or 18 work days!  Or in the case of Johan, only 14 school days!  And then, 71 days until I make the move.  It still doesn’t feel real.

We’ve both been keeping busy, and haven’t had a lot of time to dwell on it or really get too excited I don’t think.  Johan’s been so busy trying to finish off music assignments and projects and practise work that he’s barely thought about it I don’t think – and I’m sure he’s going to love it over here with all of our sun and no snow.  Ha, we’re starting to enter winter over here as Sweden heads towards summer, and still the daytime temperatures Haparanda is getting are about what you would expect of our nighttime temperatures in midwinter,  or less!

He’s also managed to do a test packing of all of his belongings for coming out here, and his luggage weight came in at 10.1kg out of the 10kg I had estimated for him, so I was very pleased about that!  It seems my planning and OCD and frantic organising has been right on target to meet our 74kg allowance and 20kg posted.  The only thing I’ve got to worry about now is finding the right postage box that’s big enough for what I need it for without exceeding the 140cm girth limit!

My cat, Shadow, has had her two vaccination shots and is booked with JetPets to come out and see her and drop off her travel crate just after Johan arrives.  To my surprise, she seems perfectly comfortable in the cat harness I got for her (yellow for Hufflepuff!) though I think it’ll be a different story when she’s hiding in boxes and amongst furniture after a long flight.  I’ve told her it’s nothing to be scared of, but I’m not sure she’ll listen to me when the time comes, so I’ve just had to promise lots of cuddles and treats instead!

The big thing I’ve been trying to focus on lately is trying to finish off last minute crafts for our Etsy store that I’d already half started, sell everything that remains in our store, and all the other bits and pieces of books and things I don’t want.  Feel free to check out and share our Etsy store, we’d love the support!

The other thing is simply trying to decide what to show and do with Johan in the 6 weeks that he’s here, and hoping that all of our packing works out perfectly!  So very very close now.  And then we’ll both get to worry about job searching and house/apartment hunting again!  We found a house we really loved the other day, but alas, I think that dream may have to wait.  Johan’s Dad and step-mum have kindly allowed us to stay with them for the short-term, and it’ll be great to see them and Johan’s younger half sisters again, but I can’t wait to have our own space either with our hobby rooms and collections on display.  Oh, and my Swedish is coming along well!   Sort of.  Well, the written a lot more than the spoken or listening, but it’s a start, as long as I don’t get tooo embarrassed or self conscious to speak it! XD

I expect you’ll hear from us again very soon!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Yesterday was the 8th of November, which means that it is now officially three years since I asked Kylie what her thoughts were on long distance relationships! Her answer was something along the lines of “I don’t know, haven’t thought about it,” so I asked if she wanted to try and the rest is history 😀 Well I also properly asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend, but you have to build up to it, you know? 😉

It also means that it’s soon almost just a month and a week till I see her again! Been waiting for two long years! It’s gonna be amazing and I can’t wait 😀

PS. We watched the new Pixar movie, Inside Out, over the weekend for our anniversary movie date. Super cute, can totally recommend it 😀

Why There’s Been No Posts (We’re Not Being Lazy, Promise!)

So, we apologise for the lack in blog posts of late and hope it doesn’t become a regular thing. I guess it’s just what happens when you start fulltime study and you’re out of the house 12 hours a day and you’re trying to plan a 6-week holiday itinerary. To make things worse, Johan’s managing on dial-up speed internet from his phone until he can get broadband, and yesterday mucked up video calling on his phone (with what was possibly an update), so we’re stuck on limited voice calls at the moment! Johan has also given me a 70min vlog of his move to cut down…

In the meantime, I’ve stayed up ’til 2am the last two nights trying to sort out our itinerary.  Last night alone I sent off 8 emails to tour guides, and have half a dozen more to go. If I thought deciding on the accommodation was bad, it’s nothing compared to reading through countless tour descriptions, comparing everything that’s included in the cost, the duration and value for money.  I’m going to need a 6-week holiday after spending the last 6 months planning for it (and being such a perfectionist… It’s not over yet!).

The Aussie dollar is ridiculously low at the moment which  isn’t helping.  Some tour prices we had written down back in February which seemed reasonable, have now increased $40-$50pp just in the conversion rates, let alone the conversion fee when we go to pay it. I’m not sure when we should either:  now, before it gets any lower; or hold off, in case it increases.  Incredibly frustrating.  But I think considering how much we have planned on our itinerary, and the budget I’m managing to squeeze it into, I’m doing very well.  We seem to be saving a lot of money by doing it ourselves and mapping out our own itinerary rather than 3+ day packages.  I have spent hours and days reading up reviews on all the tours, so I have high hopes for our favourite picks.  That, in addition to seeing the Northern Lights on more than one occasion over the course of our three weeks in Lapland, greatly helped with Johan’s new apartment in the very south of Lapland and free accommodation with him in-between certain destinations which form a kind of V-shape. I’m sure no matter how much I try and plan there will still be things that will go wrong, I just hope to minimise that!

Just 100 more days until I see my boyfriend again; 93 until I get on my plane to London. I bought the first of my Christmas presents yesterday too which makes it seem even more exciting! For anyone in Johan’s family (or my family for that matter!) that might be reading this, please remember that we’re not buying Christmas presents for people this year, and in return we don’t ask for Christmas presents. Your gift to us is this holiday. “But you just said you’d bought Christmas presents!” I know, for the young kids of course 😀 Johan’s younger sisters, Alma and Elsa! Can’t wait to see their faces when they open them!

Finally, I’m doing well at getting Swedish nursery rhymes stuck in mine and Johan’s heads. On Friday it was Min Hatt Den Har Tre Kanter, yesterday it was Bonden och Kråkan, and today it’s Blinka Lilla Stjärna! What else happened today?  My holiday leave was finally approved at work (at least up until our contract end date), yaaay!

First Week of School is a Success!

I’d like to start off with an apology. It’s been too long and I’ve left Kylie to do the posting too much lately. I’ve simply been too busy with settling in here in my new life, making a home for myself and getting to know the people at my new school, trying to get into routines etc.

I’m sure at least a few of you are curious about how I’m doing here. The short answer, I’m doing great! The long answer follows below.

First off, this is my first time living on my own, and it’s quite an adjustment, having to do things on my own, but I think I’m faring pretty well so far, and apart from some smaller issues – like my computer being on the dining table since I have no desk yet and my only connection to the internet is through my phone – this is starting to feel like home to me.

I’m living in a small one room apartment with a kitchenette, so I’ve really only got the one room to fit all my stuff in, but I don’t have that much stuff yet anyway, so it’s fine. As usual, my “desk” (dining table as for now) is full of stuff, because everything I use seem to gravitate there but I’m trying to keep things cleared up. It’s a known character flaw of mine. At least I’m doing my washing up, so there’s that.

My new school is great too! It’s a pretty laid back place as it’s very art oriented, as they have (apart from the audio engineering courses I’m doing): music, art, performance and an assortment of other artistic things you can study there. At least the audio and music courses, which for obvious reasons have quite some overlap, have the mentality that everything should be a fun and enjoyble experience with a serious undertone. Essentially, learn while playing around and doing stuff that we all love, because everyone in my class has a passion for music, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a crowd of people with whom I can bond as much over my favourite subject as I have done here, and that’s just in the first week.

So I have high confidence I’m going to learn a lot here, and maybe make friends for life. Can’t wait to see what the rest of these two years will bring.