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Oh May, Where Did You Go?

The days are going so fast now! Didn’t we only just book flights?  24 days.  24 days until we see each other again, or 3 weeks and 1 day until he boards his plane.  There are just three weekends to go, or 18 work days!  Or in the case of Johan, only 14 school days!  And then, 71 days until I make the move.  It still doesn’t feel real.

We’ve both been keeping busy, and haven’t had a lot of time to dwell on it or really get too excited I don’t think.  Johan’s been so busy trying to finish off music assignments and projects and practise work that he’s barely thought about it I don’t think – and I’m sure he’s going to love it over here with all of our sun and no snow.  Ha, we’re starting to enter winter over here as Sweden heads towards summer, and still the daytime temperatures Haparanda is getting are about what you would expect of our nighttime temperatures in midwinter,  or less!

He’s also managed to do a test packing of all of his belongings for coming out here, and his luggage weight came in at 10.1kg out of the 10kg I had estimated for him, so I was very pleased about that!  It seems my planning and OCD and frantic organising has been right on target to meet our 74kg allowance and 20kg posted.  The only thing I’ve got to worry about now is finding the right postage box that’s big enough for what I need it for without exceeding the 140cm girth limit!

My cat, Shadow, has had her two vaccination shots and is booked with JetPets to come out and see her and drop off her travel crate just after Johan arrives.  To my surprise, she seems perfectly comfortable in the cat harness I got for her (yellow for Hufflepuff!) though I think it’ll be a different story when she’s hiding in boxes and amongst furniture after a long flight.  I’ve told her it’s nothing to be scared of, but I’m not sure she’ll listen to me when the time comes, so I’ve just had to promise lots of cuddles and treats instead!

The big thing I’ve been trying to focus on lately is trying to finish off last minute crafts for our Etsy store that I’d already half started, sell everything that remains in our store, and all the other bits and pieces of books and things I don’t want.  Feel free to check out and share our Etsy store, we’d love the support!

The other thing is simply trying to decide what to show and do with Johan in the 6 weeks that he’s here, and hoping that all of our packing works out perfectly!  So very very close now.  And then we’ll both get to worry about job searching and house/apartment hunting again!  We found a house we really loved the other day, but alas, I think that dream may have to wait.  Johan’s Dad and step-mum have kindly allowed us to stay with them for the short-term, and it’ll be great to see them and Johan’s younger half sisters again, but I can’t wait to have our own space either with our hobby rooms and collections on display.  Oh, and my Swedish is coming along well!   Sort of.  Well, the written a lot more than the spoken or listening, but it’s a start, as long as I don’t get tooo embarrassed or self conscious to speak it! XD

I expect you’ll hear from us again very soon!


1 Month To Go!

As the title says, we have exactly 1 month (30 days) to go until our next meet on December 16, so exciting! 🙂 Today, I thought I’d share with you the visual reminder I have to help me see exactly how much time we have left before I get to wrap my arms around my boyfriend again.  It is a countdown frame – Harry Potter themed, of course – where I can drop down a bead every day and see how much time has passed, and how much there is to go.  I made it before our first meeting, and have been continuing to use it again this time around since our dates were confirmed.

Pic 588__

It was a fun project to make at the time, despite it’s many frustrations.  I think I went through three buyers before I found the right beads for the hourglass – not too big and not too small, not too dark, not too light.  Yellow represents me, blue represents him – bonus points if you can tell why!  The hourglass and the photo are glued to the backing of the photo frame, and the whole back slides easily in and out enabling you to change the beads daily.  There is a plastic divider at the top that keeps the colours separated, and as the days pass you can lift out the top piece, and drop the beads down, mixing the colours together.

Want to make a similar sort of countdown frame of your own?  They make a great gift idea for long distance couples, but could be adapted for any holiday countdown!  Hopefully this quick tutorial below will assist you in making something awesome.

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We Booked More Flights!

Yep, that’s right!  Does that mean we heard back from Johan’s school?  Er, not quite.  But we’ve compromised as best we could, so it’s time they did their part and hopefully things will be okay with that and if not, we’ll deal with them (we’ll try to avoid the use of force).

We made the decision last night to just get it over and done with – not just for the sake of our stress levels, but also the increasing flight prices on days 1-week before Christmas between Luleå > London > Arlanda.  Our cheapest option would still have been for Johan to take the full last week of school off, but the school didn’t seem happy with that, and this was our second cheapest option… that is, he’ll take half the week off.  He’ll leave Wednesday lunchtime, and arrive late Wednesday night, a week after Mum and I first arrive in London.  We get two full days with him in London, before flying out to Stockholm on the Saturday – so yay!!!  Things are finally fitting into place. We just need to book our London accommodation (we have a shortlist… that’s too long!) and then everything else is settled in that department because all of our accommodation in Sweden is settled.  So things are getting much more happy and less stressful now with that weight off our shoulders!

Of course, this means we have an official countdown until our next meeting on December 16, 2015… 136 days! 😀

Sorry We’re Late! (a lot can happen in a week)

This is a back-dated posted from July 1, before Johan knew about the surprise, that we were meant to post when we had the time, but things have been pretty busy and it got overlooked.  Some things mentioned may now change; but we thought we’d try and focus on the positive.

We have had some busy weeks lately. And they have also been very exciting, in some cases, even life changing, and I’m not even joking. Because I have been accepted to the audio school I applied for, and Kylie finally received her birthday presents (more about those in our vlog) and last of all, WE FINALLY BOOKED THE FLIGHT!!!

That’s right. We now have a date for the out next meeting and it will be… (Faint drum roll in the distance) not yet decided. Because it depends on whether I can get the last week of term off, but if I can, she will still stay three days in Stockholm without me before I can meet her. If I can’t, well, then we may have a problem. But hopefully it won’t come to that.

So assuming everything will go according to current plan, she will arrive on the 9th of December and I will come down and join her on the 12th. Then we’ll spend around a week in Stockholm looking at museums and spending time with my Mum before going down south to Östergotland for a week to be with my Dad for Christmas. We hope Kylie and her Mum (because her Mum will join us on this visit) will finally get to experience a white Christmas, but no guarantees on that one.

After the holidays we will be taking a night train to Haparanda where I’ll be living then, spending, you guessed it, a week there (most of this seems to be weekly chunks) winding down and just relaxing. My apartment will probably be small but I’m sure we can make it work.

After that we’ll go across the border to Finland and visit Santa’s Village and Snowman World, something both Kylie and her Mum are very excited about.

Then we’ll finish our adventure part of the holiday with a visit to Kiruna, an old mining town, where we’ll hopefully get to experience the Northern Lights and participate in various wildlife tours. We will also stay at the cosiest looking cabins and relax in their outdoor spa in the middle of winter under a northern sky. It will be amazing.

And as if all that isn’t enough, Kylie is planning something supposedly fantastic that she won’t tell me what it is. And I’m very curious about this top secret thing she’s planning.

She thinks I’m an idiot for not having figured it out yet, but I’d rather be an idiot than having this surprise ruined.