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Happy Brrrrrthday

During our first meet, Johan unfortunately had study on his birthday, and I was leaving the following day, so as usual, I left to meet him at the train station on his way home.  Only on this day, I decided to leave much earlier and take a final look around town, snapping pictures, remembering all the sights and sounds.  It was in the late afternoon, so the sun was already going down, and it was getting quite chilly, but not worrying, I headed off towards the park outside of the station.  I had had the idea that I would write him a birthday message in the snow, which was another reason I had left earlier.  After taking the time to try and find a fallen branch in the snow I could use, I wrote it out:  GRATTIS PÅ FÖDELSEDAGEN JOHAN =) And by then I was still early for his train, so I went up to the station and waited.  And waited.

Of course his train was delayed wasn’t it?  Not just five or ten minutes, but about forty.  There were a few other people waiting around to catch the train, and there I was, waiting for my boyfriend to get off it, and freezing my butt off at the same time.  Once again, I had to keep reminding myself that I loved the snow, and the cold, and I would be dreading the heat when I returned home… but after the sun went down it really started getting cold, and when he finally did get off the train, I had to convince him several times to walk the long way around the park so he could see the effort I went to to write his birthday message!  He thanked me with biiigg hugs to warm me up, so I guess it was worth it. 😀

Happy Brrrrrthday


Meeting the First Time

I’d show the video, but it’s embarrassing.  Once I got off the plane in Stockholm, I decided to be smart and get changed into my thermals/base layers in the bathroom, and freshen up a little, whilst everyone queued up through customs to have their passports checked.  I knew I wouldn’t want to leave Johan to visit the bathroom straight after I met him, so in that way, I’m glad I did it.  However, once I came out of the bathroom (after spending time struggling in and out of all my unfamiliar winter layers) I was at the very end of the queue, if not last, then second-last.  But I had the WiFi working and was telling Johan and his brother that I would be there soon.  They had the camera out, ready to film our first reactions as was planned.

Of course, in my absence, they had to keep themselves entertained, and filmed silly waiting games where they’d guess if I’d be the next person that came out the gates or not.  Being at the very end of the queue, naturally they had a long wait and wasted perhaps a bit more battery than they should’ve!  By the time I collected my suitcase, I was so excited and nervous I forgot to text them that I was coming out, by which point the phone (and camera they were filming on) was dying, and as such, despite all our careful efforts, we missed capturing those very first moments!  His brother soon got the phone working again though to film a brief, second hug (after a much longer first one, and first kiss) and one of the first things Johan says to me is: “You’re shorter than I expected.”  I laughed and retaliated, saying “I’m not short!” before we proceeded to walk aimlessly around the airport, getting lost trying to find our way back to the buses with a camera shoved in our faces (Thanks Pontus, I guess we asked for it 😛 )  I was so nervous and shy that day, I couldn’t do much but smile and grin widely, worrying slightly that I wouldn’t be able to open up to Johan in person as much as I did online for the next six weeks.  I need not have worried, because before long, we couldn’t stop talking.

Very soon, we’ll get our next airport meeting, and this time, we’ll make sure to capture it properly. 😀

Meeting the First Time

Candy King

There are a few things that are common in both of our countries. One of those is that we both have various kinds of candies (K: lollies!) to choose from in the store if you feel like something sweet. The brands are different though, most notably the major chocolate brands, where we have Marabou and Cloetta she has Cadbury. A more major difference though, is that here in Sweden you can compose your own bag of candies (K: lollies!  We have that too, but only at specialty stores).

Almost every major grocery store has a wall, often close to the checkout, full of pick & mix candy tubs from which you can scoop your favourite pieces into your own little paper bag (K: or bucket). And when I say little, I mean big. Because if they offer you a big bag, you’re likely to buy more. Just another way to trick you into spending more money I guess (K: you don’t havvveee to be fooled by it).

But when it comes to which pieces to pick, it can get a little tricky. Especially when the people who are picking them out have very different tastes.

I for example, am a sucker for licorice. I could eat that stuff all day. I’m usually mixing a big batch of various licorice with some chocolate and just a few sour or fruity bits.

Kylie on the other hand, hates licorice (K: that’s right, ewwww). Don’t ask me why or where she gets this candy discrimination from, but she won’t even kiss me if I’ve had some (chocolate kisses are soo much better)! But I’m gonna eat it anyway. Because licorice is even worth a lack of kisses. That’s how good it is! (K: it’s all lies!)

We both do love chocolate though, and she really liked some of the sour pieces, so I guess there’s that. But the next bag of candy we buy together will be half licorice, and that half is mine! (K: fine!  You have your icky licorice-half.  I’ll have all my chocolate and snowballs and soda pops and hot lips and frogs and jelly babies and mints and marshmallows and bilar and haribo and we’ll see how long you hold out!)

Östenssons Candy

Yer a Wizard, Lumpy!

This was the first time I had built a snowman in my life… well, sort of.  The first time doesn’t count because while I have photo evidence, I don’t remember it because I was way too young.  It was two days after we had just met for the first time, and I insisted on building a snowman before it all melted… which was just as well, because it did melt, and little did I know the ground wouldn’t be white again for another four weeks!

Yer a Wizard, Lumpy!

We had a great time making Lumpy together, so-named, obviously, because of his lumpy shape.  He was complete with buttons, a wide smile and a broomstick.  We enjoyed what little time we had with him.  Unfortunately, the poor Ravenpuff suffered a tragic loss mere moments after we took these photos, when he accidentally fell was kicked over.  At least it was quicker than slowly melting to death.  RIP Lumpy.

Yer a Wizard, Lumpy! 2

10 and 3/4″

wand_1 wand_2r

If you didn’t know already, we’re kinda nerds. It was actually one of the things that brought us together. So naturally, one of the first uncanny similarities we noticed we shared was our wand specifications on Pottermore.  You take a quiz, made by J.K. Rowling herself, which results in some 33,516 different wands, and 90 visual varieties in the colour and shape of the wand.  Aside from the colour of our wands, and the type of wood used to make them, we had the same design, length, core and flexibility as shown below (mine is on the right).  I wanted to take it as a sign that we were meant to be… and who knows?  Maybe there is a bit of magic at play!


Kissing is Hard…

Well mostly it’s easy, and this wasn’t really kissing either. Actually, it was a very unfortunate accident, and I’m sorry to say, it was all my fault. I must have apologized for hours.

So what happened?

Short story: I bit her lip.

Long story: I bit her lip hard. And there was blood.

Actually, there is a high probability that I remember it worse than it actually was. Hindsight has a tendency to do that. If I think about it, I can swear I felt her soft lip give way under my teeth. It’s not something I wanna experience again.

So how did it happen in the first place? Simple. I was trying to take a bite of her Hot Lips. That is, the lip-shaped Lollies she was holding between her teeth.

Oh the irony.

4 Kissing is Hard