Application Update!

So, you may recall that in March, we submitted an application for my Swedish residence permit, not expecting to hear a decision for 14-17 months?  No, don’t panic!  We haven’t got a decision this early.  But on Monday a week ago, I received an invitation to contact a Swedish embassy within 14 days to make an appointment.  At the same time, Johan also received an email asking to send in photos and further evidence of our relationship.  So you can relax, no one’s moving just yet.  But panic mode set in for us!  Admittedly, Johan was a lot more cool about it, but I was not expecting this for several more months.

Two phone calls later, one to the Swedish Embassy in Canberra and one to the Swedish Consulate in Brisbane, I had an appointment set.  And the date for that appointment has come around very fast.  When, you might ask?  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow, Thursday the 4th of August, I am going to speak to an official and tell them all about my relationship with Johan, and why I want upheave my life to move to him.  Full of nerves and freaking out just a little when I consider this interview is going to contribute to our future dreams and goals.  It took several frantic days of trying to gather Skype call logs and Facebook Messenger screenshots, letters, flight tickets and photos spanning the course of our relationship over 3.5 years.  We may have only met twice, but we still struggled to get the photos narrowed down to the 3-5 they asked for!  All in all though, I think the evidence we’ve gathered is solid, and our love is strong, and hopefully that will show in this interview and it will all go well!  Wish me luck, and expect another update soon!


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