The Application Process Has Begun!

So today was a crazy day! Kylie was freaking out and not able to push a button, and I tried to calm her down and yeah. But then again, applying for a residence permit to move and live with someone is a pretty big deal, and pressing that finish application button… well, there’s pretty much no going back after that. But it’s not all done yet. I’m now in the process of writing my response application so to speak. We both have to provide basically answers to the same questions about each other, and I guess they compare those answers or something, but yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing today, and because of the Migration Agency’s crappy system for managing these applications, I already lost all my progress once. But I’m getting there. Soon we will be living together and I’m so excited! Well at least if this application goes through. But I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t, so I’m not that worried.


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