Homesick For The Wrong Country

Since coming home to Australia, I’ve been, well, homesick.  For Sweden.  I swear, it’s not just missing Johan, but everything else that came along with his country.  I found the same sort of feeling when I came back from my first visit, and I can’t remember how long it took for it to go away.  Of course, it never went away entirely, but it did eventually numb.

Did I get homesick while I was away?  Nope, not really.  Okay, maybe a few times for the cats.  And the Christmas carols on Christmas day.  But apart from that… I was soaking up as much of Sweden that I had been missing for the last two years.  All of the goodies I could eat!  Pepperkåkor (gingerbread), kanelbullar (cinnamon buns), godis (candy… at every supermarket), and of course, all of the round bread from the Polarbröd company!  And it wasn’t just all the candy, because I come home thinking that everything that I normally love tastes different.  From the cereal I have for breakfast, to the milk, right down to the water… it’s been two weeks, and it still all tastes different.  It all tasted better in Sweden.

Of course, there’s more to Sweden than just the food – and don’t get me started on the weather (ohhh but the crunch of snow beneath your boots)!  There’s their public transport system.  The buses and trains and railway stations are all so clean and graffiti-free, with graffiti being cleaned up within a matter of days.  Not to mention the ease of being able to get monthly passes.  Did I say that dogs are allowed on public transport?  We sat on a two hour bus from Haparanda to Rovaniemi with a gorgeous fluffy white dog a few seats ahead of us who only barked once!  As a public-transport regular, I can say Brisbane has a lot to catch up on.

I’m sorrrry!  I can’t pass up mentioning the snow.  Again.  Especially after the day of 94% humidity we just had.  Even just the cold, which I’m learning isn’t nearly as fun without the snow, but it actually makes it feel like winter when it’s 0°!  Must be something about snuggling into a winter jacket, as opposed to just one-jumper-layer in Brisbane at 17°.  We must seem like such winter-wusses.  I haven’t experienced the drastic changing of the four seasons yet, but I do request the photos from Johan every season and the change amazes me and I miss it, even though I haven’t experienced it.

Then there’s the people.  The people of Scandinavia who can for the most part speak multiple languages, and are all so patient with the non-Swedish-etc speaker.  I miss the accent in their voices and the laughter when Mum and I would say we love all the cold and winter and snow and they look at us like, ‘yeah, you’re crazy.  Trying living in it’.  Naturally, I also miss Johan’s parents and siblings, so kind and welcoming, who have already become like a second family to me.  And Johan, my lover.  My best friend.

I guess the saying is true.  Home is where the heart is… and right now, my heart’s in Sweden.

Sweden-Australia heart flag 1680x1050


-27° to 27°+

Okay, so we have a long distance blog & vlog about our long distance relationship, and we just had a 4 week holiday together and we made 1 post during that time… I’m pretty sure that’s not how a blog about our long distance relationship is supposed to work!  “The planning is all over!” we said.  “We’ll keep you updated!” we said.  “Lots of photos and vlogs and stories to come!” we said.  Well, they’ll come now.  Sorry about the delay.  But, we don’t care.  We were able to treasure those moments we had together without stressing over the blog because, well, it was one of the last things on our mind!  We were much too busy focusing on being together and having fun while it lasted.  Now we’re apart again, and we both feel so lost & empty.  Hopefully the blog will help to contradict that.

We also told another lie:

Very soon, we’ll get our next airport meeting, and this time, we’ll make sure to capture it properly. 😀

We hadn’t intended it to be a lie, but let’s just say, for the second time, and our second airport meeting, we had video malfunctions and managed to miss recording those first few minutes, AGAIN. We only got the aftermath, the second hug, not nearly the same as the first bone-crushing one.  Kylie was not impressed.  It had been a good first hug.  Johan casually strolling up with his suitcase at London Heathrow airport, looking a little lost.  Kylie half-running, half-limping over to him, throwing her arms around him so tight that they stumble half-falling-over into the railing.  We hugged tight for like, five minutes, and did we get any of it on film as intended?  No!  I guess it’ll have to be third try lucky.

There is so much to tell and so much to share, all in good time.

And did Johan surprise Kylie and propose under the Northern Lights?  No!  We didn’t SEE the northern lights in three weeks in Lapland!  But we won’t go there…

White Christmas?  Nope.

Fall over, break a  leg, and have to extend our holiday?  Nope.

Probably just as well… with 7,218 photos & videos and 215GB worth, I’m not sure how much more our harddrives could handle!  Now it’s just the nightmare of editing them all together to make photobooks and videos which will occupy us both for the next several months inbetween work and study and planning our next adventure – in Australia, and hopefully, a permanent move to Sweden after that.  That’s right.  Our hopes and dreams haven’t changed, and our love has only strengthened over the last couple of weeks.

(As has Kylie’s hate of a Queensland summer after a 54° + temperature change.  Goodbye winter.)

Happy Brrrrrthday

During our first meet, Johan unfortunately had study on his birthday, and I was leaving the following day, so as usual, I left to meet him at the train station on his way home.  Only on this day, I decided to leave much earlier and take a final look around town, snapping pictures, remembering all the sights and sounds.  It was in the late afternoon, so the sun was already going down, and it was getting quite chilly, but not worrying, I headed off towards the park outside of the station.  I had had the idea that I would write him a birthday message in the snow, which was another reason I had left earlier.  After taking the time to try and find a fallen branch in the snow I could use, I wrote it out:  GRATTIS PÅ FÖDELSEDAGEN JOHAN =) And by then I was still early for his train, so I went up to the station and waited.  And waited.

Of course his train was delayed wasn’t it?  Not just five or ten minutes, but about forty.  There were a few other people waiting around to catch the train, and there I was, waiting for my boyfriend to get off it, and freezing my butt off at the same time.  Once again, I had to keep reminding myself that I loved the snow, and the cold, and I would be dreading the heat when I returned home… but after the sun went down it really started getting cold, and when he finally did get off the train, I had to convince him several times to walk the long way around the park so he could see the effort I went to to write his birthday message!  He thanked me with biiigg hugs to warm me up, so I guess it was worth it. 😀

Happy Brrrrrthday