Together At Last (well, 6 days ago, sorry)!

K:  Yeah, so all those updates we were going to give you and all those photos and vlogs we were going to share?  Haven’t had any time, sorry! 😛 Too busy having fun!

J:  We have been taking a lot of photos and videos though for sharing later. Those who wait and all of that, right?

K:  No meeting video at the airport though *cry* The camera wasn’t recording.  We got our second hug filmed again.  It was really nice, that first hug again, tight, not wanting to let go.  We tripped over ourselves and into the barrier.  Probably my fault.

J:  Yes it was.

K:  We’ve done a lot since then…

J:  Yes! 😀 Let’s see how many I can remember… First major thing was the Shrek Adventure thing in London. It was really cool. I think I liked it better than the London Dungeon that we did afterwards. So thanks for the surprise honey! 😀 Then we went on the London Eye which was really cool. Lots of nice views over the city at night. Lots of photos from that. Buuuut not nearly as many as we got on the HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR!!!

K:  Give me the keyboard!  Not nearly as many as we got on the HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR!!!

J:  Yeah, I know you wanted to say that but I got there first 😛 anyway, the studio tour was amazing. Words can’t describe it which is the reason for like, almost 800 photos and hours of video to capture it!

K:  But that requires a whole post in itself, that not everyone will be interested in on this blog (shame!) Spent a fortune too, though gift shop was missing a lot of things we wanted 😦

Anyway after spending 9 hours there, we came home to under 2 hours sleep before needing to take taxi back to airport to get on plane back to Johan’s home country of Sweden!  Been racing around and haven’t stopped!

J:  Yeah we’ve been on walking tours and met my mum and my friend Emma and seen and done probably many more things, not necessarily in that order. Lots of walking. Bodies hurting and Kylie limping (poor thing<3) and we probably won’t get much rest until the holiday is over 😛

K: We did plan a very full itinerary.  Only rest we’re getting is on trains and buses where we start falling asleep (and at dinner too, sorry!) And now we must run off again to get off this train!  Hope to update you all again soon! 🙂 Until then!


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