Meeting the First Time

I’d show the video, but it’s embarrassing.  Once I got off the plane in Stockholm, I decided to be smart and get changed into my thermals/base layers in the bathroom, and freshen up a little, whilst everyone queued up through customs to have their passports checked.  I knew I wouldn’t want to leave Johan to visit the bathroom straight after I met him, so in that way, I’m glad I did it.  However, once I came out of the bathroom (after spending time struggling in and out of all my unfamiliar winter layers) I was at the very end of the queue, if not last, then second-last.  But I had the WiFi working and was telling Johan and his brother that I would be there soon.  They had the camera out, ready to film our first reactions as was planned.

Of course, in my absence, they had to keep themselves entertained, and filmed silly waiting games where they’d guess if I’d be the next person that came out the gates or not.  Being at the very end of the queue, naturally they had a long wait and wasted perhaps a bit more battery than they should’ve!  By the time I collected my suitcase, I was so excited and nervous I forgot to text them that I was coming out, by which point the phone (and camera they were filming on) was dying, and as such, despite all our careful efforts, we missed capturing those very first moments!  His brother soon got the phone working again though to film a brief, second hug (after a much longer first one, and first kiss) and one of the first things Johan says to me is: “You’re shorter than I expected.”  I laughed and retaliated, saying “I’m not short!” before we proceeded to walk aimlessly around the airport, getting lost trying to find our way back to the buses with a camera shoved in our faces (Thanks Pontus, I guess we asked for it 😛 )  I was so nervous and shy that day, I couldn’t do much but smile and grin widely, worrying slightly that I wouldn’t be able to open up to Johan in person as much as I did online for the next six weeks.  I need not have worried, because before long, we couldn’t stop talking.

Very soon, we’ll get our next airport meeting, and this time, we’ll make sure to capture it properly. 😀

Meeting the First Time


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