Apologies, accidents and fights (but everything is still okay. Really.)

The time is flying… Now just 75 days until we’re together!  Some may think it’s great when your boyfriend says he doesn’t mind what we do on our holiday, or when your mother says “it’s okay, whatever you two want to do” – but it’s not!  They’re both putting it all on me, and I hate making big decisions!
…(Johan interjecting here: You actually ask everyone’s thoughts on all big decisions and when I give my point of view, you’ll dismiss it and then we’re back on square one, but maybe that’s not how you see it)
So excuse me if the blog has been thrown to the wayside during these stumbling attempts to organise everything.  Good news is, I think it’s all there!  Just a matter of finishing and paying for the remaining bookings now, and maybe then I can put up a now very delayed vlog of Johan’s move into his new apartment.

Speaking of, he’s settled in well, although he is now unwell and stuck in bed with the flu!
…(Old news! I’m already up and back to school! Though I do still cough a little)…
I told him to wear a jacket (he specifically said he was cold!) but he didn’t listen to me.  But prior to this week, he has been having a blast and making lots of new friends.  I can see a change in him, and he seems evidently happier.  Apart from his internet, though he’ll finally be getting wifi next week, hoorah!  We have also solved his problem with video calls and a new webcam, and in contrast, I have now cracked my iPad screen. -.- It’s just one thing after another we don’t need right now, but I guess these are things we’ll work around.
…(Yes, she’s taking after me unfortunately. Usually I’m the one who always breaks things)…

Like our fights.  Remember when we said we had very few of them?  On Monday we had one of our bigger ones.  I’m not even sure it could be called a fight exactly, moreover the silent treatment.  It wasn’t nice for either of us, but caring so much for one another we quickly made amends and talked it through, especially knowing how close we are to our next visit, it may just be hormones jutting us around or something.  It is good to know that we can talk through our problems, since that is so important in a long distance relationship. Especially when we’re mostly limited to chat at the moment, because of both of us spending our days at work/in school, and it’s hard to know how the other is feeling or reacting when communicating through chat messages.
…(We’ve once again proven that we’re mature adults and that talking and reasoning solves problems and disputes better than shouting or refusing to talk to each other.)

Other than that, there’s not much to say for right now. Johan will make a more in depth post later about how he’s been doing, settling in in his new life, looking back on the last month, and we will have more new travel related news coming right around the corner, so stay tuned!


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