Hug Me?

Everything is falling into place, with the last of our accommodation sorted out, which means more time for fun and less time for stress!  But I guess… there’s still tours to book, deciding what attractions we’re going to see on what days… it still requires a lot of careful planning when you’ve got a DIY personalised itinerary.  And a perfectionist on top of that.  Just about every night for the last month has been plan-book-plan-book-plan-plan-plan.  It hasn’t made me the nicest girlfriend to be around (sorry Johan! ūüėõ Johan:  I forgive you!) but it’ll all be worth it.  We’re going to have  a blast and we will bore you with all the cheesy romantic moments.

I miss those moments.  We’ve both been so busy with our own lives lately that there hasn’t been much cheesy-ness (nor time to film vlogs together when it’s convenient for us both)!  We’ve been so distracted by other, more important things that need to get done to make this holiday work, including a move further north.  And now Johan is making rawr-ing noises at the camera, perfect.  He always knows how to make me smile.  I had a bad day the other day, and what makes a bad day worse is knowing I cannot just come home and be greeted with my boyfriend giving me feel-better hugs.  It’s those days that the distance feels painful and he’ll give phone hugs that will never be the same as the real thing.

But I will get the real thing soon.  That bone-crushing, Hagrid-like airport hug.  The never-leave-me-again-or-I-swear-I-won’t-let-go-of-you type hugs.  There’s another pro of long distance relationships to add to the list.  We may not get as many hugs as a close distance couple, but that very first one after time apart – after months and years of longing?  That’s something special, and I can’t wait.


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