I’m Officially Moving!

The town where I live, Skänninge, is the host of Sweden’s largest annual street market. The first Wednesday and Thursday of August every year, the town square and every major street is covered on both sides with market stands. The spectacle draws a huge crowd as people from all over the country come to our little town. I’m not sure how many people live here, maybe 3,000 or so, but on these two days the amount of visitors is many times that number.

I won’t get to experience this next year though. And it makes me a little sad, even though the market has mostly become routine and I see the same things being sold year after year. But I will be going off on a much greater adventure!

I have finally secured an apartment in Haparanda, where I will be moving to study audio engineering, which is a passion of mine. I hope to one day own, or at least work, in a proper recording studio, and this two-year course will undoubtedly teach me a lot and give me great experiences. I’m really excited about this opportunity!

Haparanda is way up in the north of Sweden, right on the border to Finland (and I mean that literally. The Finnish side of the town is called Tornio) so I’ll have to move far away. But I’m fine with that. The one I care most about is far away to begin with, so it won’t make any difference where I live.

No, scratch that last part. Kylie does care that I’ll be moving up north. In fact, she’s loving it! If you haven’t been following our blog you may not know this, but she’s a huge fan of snow, and she’ll be coming to visit over Christmas and New Years, when there’ll be lots and lots of snow. You see, last time she was a little unfortunate and didn’t get to see much snow, because it melted away fairly quickly in the south.

I’ll start first term of school on the 24th of August, so it’s getting really close now! I just found a place to live (and what a place it is!) and today I booked my one way ticket to Haparanda! I’ll be leaving on Monday the 18th, so I’ve got little more than a week to get ready! Good thing I’ve been preparing for weeks and have most things packed already. Only the computer to pack into the boxes and then I’m ready to go!

I’ll be living in a small house. It’s basically a two story house with one small room per floor. I was originally looking at one-room apartments, but I was offered this when one of the apartments I was looking at was given to someone else, and I got it for the same price as the apartment I was originally enquiring about!

So I only have a week left in the town where I’ve spent a significant time growing up (in a house my Dad still hasn’t finished renovating) and then I’m off to the next great adventure!

And honestly, I’m extremely excited about it!

[Pictured above:  House in Haparanda Johan will be moving to.]


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