We Booked More Flights!

Yep, that’s right!  Does that mean we heard back from Johan’s school?  Er, not quite.  But we’ve compromised as best we could, so it’s time they did their part and hopefully things will be okay with that and if not, we’ll deal with them (we’ll try to avoid the use of force).

We made the decision last night to just get it over and done with – not just for the sake of our stress levels, but also the increasing flight prices on days 1-week before Christmas between Luleå > London > Arlanda.  Our cheapest option would still have been for Johan to take the full last week of school off, but the school didn’t seem happy with that, and this was our second cheapest option… that is, he’ll take half the week off.  He’ll leave Wednesday lunchtime, and arrive late Wednesday night, a week after Mum and I first arrive in London.  We get two full days with him in London, before flying out to Stockholm on the Saturday – so yay!!!  Things are finally fitting into place. We just need to book our London accommodation (we have a shortlist… that’s too long!) and then everything else is settled in that department because all of our accommodation in Sweden is settled.  So things are getting much more happy and less stressful now with that weight off our shoulders!

Of course, this means we have an official countdown until our next meeting on December 16, 2015… 136 days! 😀


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