Yer a Wizard, Lumpy!

This was the first time I had built a snowman in my life… well, sort of.  The first time doesn’t count because while I have photo evidence, I don’t remember it because I was way too young.  It was two days after we had just met for the first time, and I insisted on building a snowman before it all melted… which was just as well, because it did melt, and little did I know the ground wouldn’t be white again for another four weeks!

Yer a Wizard, Lumpy!

We had a great time making Lumpy together, so-named, obviously, because of his lumpy shape.  He was complete with buttons, a wide smile and a broomstick.  We enjoyed what little time we had with him.  Unfortunately, the poor Ravenpuff suffered a tragic loss mere moments after we took these photos, when he accidentally fell was kicked over.  At least it was quicker than slowly melting to death.  RIP Lumpy.

Yer a Wizard, Lumpy! 2


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