Pros and Cons of Being Long Distance

It’s not easy to love someone almost ten thousand miles away from you, and it’s hard to not be jealous of those couples you see cuddling up to each other on the bus or train when you go on your daily commute.

That’s why we often remind ourselves of all the good things we get out of living apart, because yes, there isn’t only negatives in a long distance relationship.

So here is a list of our personal pros and cons of living in a long distance relationship. Let’s start with the good ones.


  • You get more time for yourself and personal hobbies.
  • You are forced to communicate since an LDR can’t run on lust alone.
  • The “honeymoon phase” probably lasts longer.
  • Furthermore, reuniting after a long time apart can mean multiple honeymoon phases because it’s like the first time all over again.
  • When one gets sick, they don’t spread it to the other.
  • Handwritten letters become so much more meaningful.
  • No morning breath.
  • No one hogging the bed/blankets/bathroom.
  • Only cleaning up after yourself.
  • You don’t wake the other up when you have to go to work.
  • Save money on dinner dates and movie nights (only to spend it on a short extravagant vacation once a year or so).


  • No physical contact whatsoever.
  • It’s harder to work on shared hobbies or projects.
  • Making kissy faces at webcam/phone/tablet isn’t as nice as kissing a real person.
  • Same goes for hugging.
  • You may be faced with doubt and questions from both family, friends and strangers.
  • Fewer birthdays and holidays spent together, and as such, more money spent on postage instead of the cost of the actual gifts.  And the worry that something might not even arrive.
  • Loneliness.
  • Being the odd one out at parties when everyone else is with their partner.
  • Not knowing when things will happen like the next visit or closing the distance.
  • Bad internet connections mean disruptions.
  • Can be harder to focus all of your attention on your SO when multitasking on your device.

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