Sorry We’re Late! (a lot can happen in a week)

This is a back-dated posted from July 1, before Johan knew about the surprise, that we were meant to post when we had the time, but things have been pretty busy and it got overlooked.  Some things mentioned may now change; but we thought we’d try and focus on the positive.

We have had some busy weeks lately. And they have also been very exciting, in some cases, even life changing, and I’m not even joking. Because I have been accepted to the audio school I applied for, and Kylie finally received her birthday presents (more about those in our vlog) and last of all, WE FINALLY BOOKED THE FLIGHT!!!

That’s right. We now have a date for the out next meeting and it will be… (Faint drum roll in the distance) not yet decided. Because it depends on whether I can get the last week of term off, but if I can, she will still stay three days in Stockholm without me before I can meet her. If I can’t, well, then we may have a problem. But hopefully it won’t come to that.

So assuming everything will go according to current plan, she will arrive on the 9th of December and I will come down and join her on the 12th. Then we’ll spend around a week in Stockholm looking at museums and spending time with my Mum before going down south to Östergotland for a week to be with my Dad for Christmas. We hope Kylie and her Mum (because her Mum will join us on this visit) will finally get to experience a white Christmas, but no guarantees on that one.

After the holidays we will be taking a night train to Haparanda where I’ll be living then, spending, you guessed it, a week there (most of this seems to be weekly chunks) winding down and just relaxing. My apartment will probably be small but I’m sure we can make it work.

After that we’ll go across the border to Finland and visit Santa’s Village and Snowman World, something both Kylie and her Mum are very excited about.

Then we’ll finish our adventure part of the holiday with a visit to Kiruna, an old mining town, where we’ll hopefully get to experience the Northern Lights and participate in various wildlife tours. We will also stay at the cosiest looking cabins and relax in their outdoor spa in the middle of winter under a northern sky. It will be amazing.

And as if all that isn’t enough, Kylie is planning something supposedly fantastic that she won’t tell me what it is. And I’m very curious about this top secret thing she’s planning.

She thinks I’m an idiot for not having figured it out yet, but I’d rather be an idiot than having this surprise ruined.


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