Timeline + Further Rant

Here’s our recent timeline of events, thus far:

Date Event
Sometime-Before-Christmas Johan found this music course he wanted to study, but was too late to apply for it and would have to wait six months.
February Johan sent in his application for the school.  We decided to invite Kylie’s Mum on holiday with us for her 60th Birthday, and started planning a draft-itinerary to give her.
March Had a fully fleshed out first-draft itinerary and gave it to Kylie’s Mum for her birthday.  Meanwhile, Kylie had a surprise for Johan, providing he’d be able to get the last week of school off.
April Kylie contacted Johan’s would-be course coordinator, saying she was trying to surprise her boyfriend and asking generic questions about the last week and how busy it would be and whether there’d be assessments that needed to be done or if they could be completed earlier and how likely it would be for Johan to be able to take time off, without mentioning his name in case it affected his application, and explained this.  Waited 3 weeks for an unsatisfactory response asking who it was about.  Johan was accepted for an interview.
May Johan went for the interview.  Was supposed to wait 3-weeks for an outcome.
June After waiting 5-weeks for an outcome, we found out he was accepted.  Mum decided she would indeed come with us.  Kylie contacted Johan’s course-coordinator again, asking about the possibility of the last week off, saying that we’ve waited this long to find out an outcome for a school he may not have been accepted into in the first place, and now flights really must be booked as flights, accommodation and activities are increasing in price and selling out.  His reply was blunt, that Johan should really be the one contacting him.

We booked the flights.

July Itinerary planning went into overdrive, booking in most accommodation temporarily with flexible dates.  Johan asked about time off with the school and the course coordinator.  Between Kylie and her Mum, they have let the surprise slip out 4 times.  Could no longer pretend he didn’t know that there was something to do with London.

Found out the course coordinator was on holidays.  Not knowing when he would respond, Kylie admitted to him already having some background of the situation, but he couldn’t give any kind of indication good or bad about whether time off could be possible.  Considered the option of going ahead and booking his flight and activities without a response, and he’d just have to take the time off regardless.

Yesterday, after a week of searching, Kylie found what would’ve been the last piece to the puzzle – our accommodation during the surprise part of the holiday, for a discounted price and the absolute best value seen in accommodation for its price, location and facilities for 3 people.

Yesterday, had a response from the coordinator that it’s too early to answer and apply for time off, but that there would be a performance in the last week and time off would be unwise, and to be flexible with our arrangements.

Kylie broke down and explained that the flights were already booked for her and her Mum to fly into London, not Stockholm, as it was cheaper and also to see her friend living there during the only week she was available.  We’d spend a week there exploring London where there is so much more to do, and then Stockholm would follow.  Our itinerary had left little time for flexibility, with the only option that if he didn’t get the week off, we’d increase the time in London to 2 weeks for Kylie and her Mum, have him try and cram in as much of London as possible in 3 days instead of 8, and decrease the time in Stockholm to 1 or 2 days, and decrease the time with his Dad by an extra day.

Not something we really want to do; because the idea was to have a holiday with all 3 of us, exploring and sightseeing together, not being so near and yet so far, and waiting a miserable week for Johan to join us and cutting our time short by a whole week and a half.

Johan sent another email, further explaining things and asking things.  Kylie is mostly just pissed off that the coordinator couldn’t have said this back in April.  Johan’s school holidays are 3 weeks.  Kylie’s total trip is 6 weeks, and we were planning for 5 weeks together with a week before and after the school holidays, and the additional week is split between travelling and jet lag before and after.  We wouldn’t do much in the last week, because Johan would be back at school (so there’s already limited time together there) and we’d be so exhausted from doing everything else, mostly just wanting to be there for Johan’s birthday and wind down before our flights home.  So we’d ask for the last week of school off, to spend that extra limited time together and see everyone before Christmas.  First time seeing each other in two years, last time seeing each other for another two years.  We haven’t waited two years to spend a mere four weeks together.

Now we’re left with this mess and not knowing what to do.


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