Johan’s Rant

Our plans might be ruined. Kylie had to reveal most of her secret plan and everything is crap at the moment.

It’s not easy planning a big holiday with your girlfriend. First, there’s the finding of flights that won’t break the bank. Then there’s trying to find accommodations that aren’t too far away from the places you wanna go. And finally you have to make sure that there’s public transport enough to take you from the place you’ll stay to where you wanna visit that are running on the times you’ll need them. And when on top of that, you’re planning to stay in six different locations in three countries, things easily get very complicated. Now admittedly, this whole thing is Kylie’s idea and it’s mostly her project. I help her when I can, but it’s mostly her doing all the big things, and I appreciate that a lot.

We have been planning this since January, and we’ll be seeing each other in the coming December/January, so when it’s finally time, it’ll have been a full year since we started planning it. That’s why it’s so frustrating when now, after over six months of planning and having flights and some of the accommodation booked and other accommodation close to being finalized, that we have been running into a roadblock that might have us completely reorganizing big parts of the already laid and accepted plans.

Long story short, Kylie had a big secret thing planned for us, which was supposed to be a surprise for me, but would still require a bit of work for me. I would need to get a passport, a big suitcase and, the hardest thing, get the last week off from my studies. And this is where we’ve run into trouble.

Even after she told me all the things I had to do, her actual plans were still a big mystery to me, but now, with all our trouble, she’s had to reveal a lot of it. Basically, we’ll be going to London for our first week, and her flight from Australia will actually take her there, and the plan was for me to meet up with her there and we’d spend a week there before going back to Sweden. Now both me and (unknowingly to me at the time) her have been in contact with the school about taking that last week off, but haven’t gotten satisfactory replies, so she went ahead and booked a flight to London, hoping for the best, but today, we got word from the school that can be interpreted as it being hard, or maybe even not possible to get that last week off. But since her flight is already booked and the London plans are getting close to being finalized and prices going up all the time, we can’t really change anything about that. And either way, if I don’t get that last week off, she will still spend a week of our holiday without me, and since I’ll be in school again at the last week of the holiday, this would not only mean spending more money, but also not spending as much time together as we had planned.

We have a few options, neither of which are optimal. Me missing out on London (what’s the point in that), spending more time in London, cutting into our time in Stockholm and Skänninge and having to cut out activities we’d planned on doing in those places, or… I don’t know.

I have of course replied to the school, asking if there’s any kind of compromise that can be done, but since the term hasn’t even started yet, I don’t know how much of a promise they can make of letting me off for the last week. So the last option is to proceed as planned and just hope that I will be able to somehow work it out with the school, and that could go either way. I could of course just bail on the last week of school, but that might have affect on my grades or I might lose the benefit money I’ll be relying on to pay for an apartment and food and everything keeping me alive, so that’s not something we want to risk either.

So right now we’re basically painted into a corner, choosing between several bad options, and it’s not a good place to be for either of us. I wish I could find a way to make it work out in a way that would benefit everyone involved, but for now, we’re in the mercy of the school, and it’s not looking good.


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