Kissing is Hard…

Well mostly it’s easy, and this wasn’t really kissing either. Actually, it was a very unfortunate accident, and I’m sorry to say, it was all my fault. I must have apologized for hours.

So what happened?

Short story: I bit her lip.

Long story: I bit her lip hard. And there was blood.

Actually, there is a high probability that I remember it worse than it actually was. Hindsight has a tendency to do that. If I think about it, I can swear I felt her soft lip give way under my teeth. It’s not something I wanna experience again.

So how did it happen in the first place? Simple. I was trying to take a bite of her Hot Lips. That is, the lip-shaped Lollies she was holding between her teeth.

Oh the irony.

4 Kissing is Hard


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