Oh Happy Day!

WARNING: Ramble ahead. This is a complete straight up word vomit because I needed to get it out!

Today it finally happened! Actually, two longed for things happened to us today, one for Kylie and one for me. But if I may say so, I actually think my thing is slightly more important.

Kylie finally received the package I sent her with her birthday presents, as well as a delayed Christmas card and a letter I was supposed to send at Christmas. What can I say, it was supposed to be included in this package my parents were going to send her for Christmas but they never did, despite repeated reminders, and the card and letter stayed. So I put it in her birthday package instead. It’s only six months late. The important thing is that my actual Christmas gifts for her weren’t delayed, right?

Anyway, she will probably make a more detailed post about what she got and what she thought of it. That package isn’t the point of this post.

Because today we got the best news we’ve had all year!!! But first I’ll give some backstory on why this is so important.

You may have heard that we are planning a vacation in Norrland (the very north of Sweden) for the coming Christmas. Well, our plans have relied heavily on me going to school up there. All through the planning process have been “assuming you get in…”, and this uncertainty have been slowly eating away at us, because if I didn’t get in to this school I’ve applied for, what will happen? How much of the plans will we have to rearrange in order to fit in everything we want to do? How much more money will it cost to pull off?

Things got a little more optimistic at the end of April, when I got an email saying that they wanted me for an interview, so on the 18th of May jumped on a train and travelled for almost 12 hours to Haparanda to visit the school for an interview, have a pizza at the local pizzeria and go over the border to Finland for 15 minutes only to head back home the same day.

They said I’d know in three weeks, so we waited to hear back. The three weeks came and went, but nothing, so I contacted them through email where I got the reply that it was already sent out and I should have it already. I asked if they could send out again because I had checked spam and searched my inbox to make sure I hadn’t missed it, but this time, I got no reply. I sent more emails and tried to call, but couldn’t get any info. Finally, today I managed to get hold of someone who could tell me that it would be sent to me later that day, and lo and behold, it was!!!

So by this point, I think you can guess what the good news is.

That’s right. I GOT IN!!!

And if you’re wondering, I’m going to be studying music studio engineering, which I’m very much looking forward to. It will be great fun!

Now there’s just a few more things that need to be decided, then we can actually start booking flights and trains and tours and things for this Great Northern Christmas and New Years Adventure we will be having! Expect more updates soon!


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