Movie Time! (Miss Potter)

PosterBeatrix Potter, the author of the beloved and best-selling children’s book, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, overcomes many obstacles in her quest to become a writer, including a domineering mother and the chauvinism prevalent in Victorian England. She falls in love with her publisher, Norman Warne, and his marriage proposal and a subsequent tragedy change her life forever.

Kylie and I watched a movie today!
We do that, sometimes. Sadly, it’s not that often anymore, but still, it happens occasionally. The major reason for it to fall by the wayside is that she goes to bed at about three in the afternoon my time, and I have a tendency to get up late, so we don’t have much time to begin with. It’s usually enough to cram in an episode of some tv-show in the weekend, but a full feature length movie is, unfortunately, a rare occurrence right now.

But today (tonight for her) we did manage to squeeze in one of the shorter movies on our to-watch list. Clocking in at just short of an hour and a half, it was just the right length to watch before Kylie had to brush her teeth and go to bed.

She was initially questioning whether I would enjoy it, asking something like “are you sure you want to watch a girl movie?”. I said something akin to movies not having gender and told her that she knows me, I am a sucker for romance. Actually, in most movies, my favourite subplot is the romance one. In this movie, the romance was more part of the major plotline. Add the fact that it’s a movie about an author (I love story and storytelling) and I was sure I’d enjoy it.

So what did I actually think about it? I really liked it. It had many little funny moments, and I love the period setting. The drawings coming to life at times was a really nice touch to illustrate how Miss Potter’s little friends were real in her mind. I am sad to say that I have never read her stories, but after watching this movie, I feel like I should have, at least once, even though Miss Potter’s works aren’t as famous in Sweden, as we have our own famous children’s author in Astrid Lingren. Nevertheless, it was a great, if sometimes sad movie that I am sure to watch again sometime.

Ratings 4-01


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