Cold vs. Colder

Following from yesterday’s post, I had a wonderful birthday, but am still waiting on a few gifts to arrive, so more about that later.

The first week of winter has come and gone here in Australia, with temperatures dropping to their lowest for the year.  I woke up to just 7 degrees one morning, and it was freezing!  I step out of my house to catch the bus at 6.30 for work, and I can say I was feeling the cold last week, giving in to an extra jumper.  As I stood at the bus stop, watching my breath turn to vapor (something I always found fascinating as a kid because it was a rare occasion), I had to remind myself why I wanted to move to a country who has winter – oh, I don’t know, let’s be nice and say – 350 days a year.

Average Winter Temperature, Brisbane:  20°C
Average Summer Temperature, Stockholm: 20°C

I love winter, I do.  So much more bearable than a 35° summer with 85% humidity.  If you don’t have a pool, or a well-filled wallet to pay for the air conditioner, you get to suffer silently in your own sweat.  At least in a stereotypical winter, you can rug up in cosy jumpers and fluffy socks and thick blankets and soft fleece and warm wool, cuddle in front of a crackling fireplace…. you get the idea.  You know how nice that sounds?  Then you think of Brisbane, and how we can’t delve ourselves into too much of that niceness, because our winters are so mild.

Which isn’t to say we don’t have a right to feel cold, because there’s one thing that our winters lack, and that’s indoor heating.  Travel down south to Melbourne, Adelaide… they’re all going to have heating on their buses and trains and shopping centres and houses, but not us.  Guess they think our winters don’t warrant a need for it (and I can’t see why not? xD) At least there’s still the electric blankets (don’t turn them on too early before bed, you’ll be too hot).

So when we can’t rug up too much in winter, and when you can go a winter day without a jumper, it just doesn’t feel like winter!  It’s no fun.  You know what is fun?  SNOW!  And that there is why I will put up with your 350 day winter (and collect on the free boyfriend hugs).


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